Earn 7,500 Bonus Points per Stay at Hilton Hotels in Las Vegas

Hilton Honors is offering a nice bonus for members who visit Las Vegas this fall. You can earn 7,500 bonus points per STAY between now and December 29th, 2021.

You must BOOK before November 12th, 2021. As always, a “Stay” is one or more consecutive nights in the same hotel, no matter how many separate reservations you make or whether you check out and check back in later. (so you will have to move hotels to generate additional stays from the same trip)

In order to pick up the 7,500 bonus points, you must book the specific Make Vegas Yours rate. Luckily, this rate appears to be identical to Hilton’s standard flexible rate.

There is an easy way to ensure that you book the correct rate. Simply click here to be taken to the promotion webpage. Use it to book your stay instead of the regular Hilton Honors website and you will be guaranteed to be booking the correct rate.

It appears that all Hilton Honors hotels in Las Vegas are participating, such as the on-Strip Tropicana…

…and the Hampton Inn near the airport (no resort fee)

The Bottom Line

7,500 bonus points is worth in the range of $30-37.50. For a one night stay, this can be an excellent rebate, especially when combined with the ongoing chain-wide promotion offering double or triple points. The bonus is unlikely to be high enough to make a mattress run worthwhile, however. (even when you find a cheap midweek rate somewhere like the Tropicana, those resort fees push your total cost upwards…)

You might also consider “hotel hopping” between Las Vegas hotels for each night of your stay. These bonus points will definitely make the inconvenience more worthwhile, as will knowing that you only need 15 one-night stays in 2021 to reach/retain Diamond status…

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