Does IHG’s New Triple Points Promotion Work for You?

IHG Rewards has announced details of its latest chain-wide promotion. It will run from May 15th, 2021 until August 16th, 2021.

The promotion gets progressively better the more you stay…

  • Stay 1 – NO bonus
  • Stay 2 – Double points (i.e. an additional 10 points per US dollar spent)
  • Stay 3+ – Triple points (i.e. an additional 20 points per US dollar spent)

As usual with IHG, there is some fine print to keep in mind:

  • The maximum number of bonus points you can receive is 100,000
  • Only paid stays with a room rate higher than $30 will qualify (including for the no-bonus first stay)
  • You can check in before May 15th or check out after August 17th – but you will only receive the bonus points for those nights that fall within the promo dates

You must register in order to participate. Click here to be taken to the promotion’s webpage. If you are subsequently asked for a promo code, you should enter 51408.

Is This Promotion Worthwhile?

The carnage surrounding IHG’s recent changes to reward pricing make it hard to provide a solid estimate of the value of an IHG point. But since you can occasionally buy IHG points for 0.5 cents each, we can use that as a baseline.

Triple points would therefore be worth an additional 10% rebate (20 points per $ x 0.5 cents).  If you manage to stack this promotion with a limited-time bump in the cashback on offer, such as this recent 12% offer from Topcashback, then you would be looking at a very impressive rebate, at least for your third (and subsequent) stay(s).

However, you do have to make an “investment” in this promo by making a couple of no/low bonus stays before any longer, expensive stays. Otherwise you will definitely miss out on value. (and might want to consider Hilton’s promotion where there is no requirement to stay more than once)

Even if you don’t have any IHG stays planned, I always advise people to register immediately, in case they forget later!

What do you think about this promo? Garbage? Interesting? Let us know in the comments section…


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