Spend $200 Shopping and Earn 500 Bonus AAdvantage Miles

AAdvantage eShopping October Flash Bonus

Spend $200 shopping and earn 500 bonus AAdvantage miles — in addition to the standard miles earned from shopping — on qualifying purchases during the October Flash Bonus offer of 2016 at the AAdvantage eShopping portal of American Airlines; but this offer will only last through Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 11:59:59 in the evening Eastern Daylight Time; and you can only earn this bonus once.

Spend $200 Shopping and Earn 500 Bonus AAdvantage Miles

Bonus AAdvantage miles will be issued based on your cumulative qualifying purchases made during the bonus period. Not included in the bonus award mile eligibility calculation include — but is not necessarily limited to — the following:

  • Returns
  • Cancellations
  • Shipping and handling
  • Taxes
  • Gift card or other cash equivalent purchases
  • Certain products — please refer to the terms and conditions of the AAdvantage eShopping portal for details on product eligibility or any coupon code details or other usage restrictions.

Please allow up to ten weeks after the conclusion of the bonus period for the 500 bonus award AAdvantage miles to post to your AAdvantage eShopping account. This offer cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. This offer is void where prohibited by law.


There are plenty of merchants available at the AAdvantage Shopping portal where you can conduct shopping which you might already be doing this week — whether it is for a home improvement project or purchasing a new portable electronic device — so if you intend to spend $200 anyway this week, you may as well earn 500 bonus award AAdvantage miles in the process, which should extend the expiration date of the AAdvantage miles already in your account…

…but this is not the best deal where you can earn bonus miles based on what you spend during a promotion. One example of many was where you could have spent $250 shopping and earned 1,000 bonus MileagePlus miles back in May of this year. Because of that, do not intentionally go out of your way to take advantage of this promotion — as a better promotion will likely come along in the future — unless you need those 500 bonus AAdvantage miles as soon as possible.

Source: American Airlines.

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