Virgin America Offers Double Points at Certain Morgans Hotel Properties

Morgans Hotel Group describes itself as “the global leader and innovator of the lifestyle hospitality sector.” In other words, they want to be where the cool kids go. Owned by SBE, Morgans concentrates in “boutique” hotels, offering funky designs and instant street cred. There are only a handful of Morgans Hotel properties and they are located only in the hippest of locations. One thing that the Group doesn’t offer, though, is a traditional loyalty program. That doesn’t mean you can’t get points for your stays, of course. You’ll just have to get those points somewhere else.

Double Virgin America Points at Morgans Hotel Properties

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For those of you who aren’t good at math, they did it for you.

One of the places you can go to get points for your stay is Virgin America, since it has a partnership with Morgans. Between October 13 and February 27, Morgans Hotel properties in New York (excluding the Royalton) and San Francisco are offering you double Elevate points at their hotels. You earn points per stay, rather than based on how many dollars you spend, so concentrate on the former. For the sake of simple math, assume that Virgin America’s points are worth about two cents each. Thus, you can get some reasonable value back, particularly on a one-night stay. Assuming that the merger with Alaska Air goes through, unused Elevate currency will likely transfer to Mileage Plan.

Terms And Conditions

The promotion is relatively straightforward. Just remember to provide your Virgin America Elevate number when booking your reservation and you will be on on your way to earning the bonus. You must be the registered guest and have the bill in your name to earn points, but you can get credit for up to three rooms. Just make sure that you stay in at least one of them and pay for all three. Finally, you must actually make your reservations by November 15 and do it through an official channel. Other than that, though, there aren’t many restrictions. Enjoy your stay and your time as one of the coolest people in town.

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