$199 For a 3-Night Hotel Stay + 50,000 Hilton Points – What’s the Catch?

Hilton Grand Vacations is currently offering a deal that would make even the most timeshare presentation-hating reader take notice. Between now and June 14, 2022, you can purchase a vacation package for $199 that consists of:

  • A 3-night stay in Orlando or Las Vegas
  • 50,000 Hilton Honors points!

Since 50,000 Hilton points are worth at least $200-250, you would essentially be getting your 3-night vacation for free. For a bit more, you can instead spend your three nights in:

  • Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Gatlinburg, Tennessee
  • Williamsburg, Virginia

What’s The Catch?

To nobody’s surprise, there are some strings are attached to this cut-price getaway. These packages are a “Personal Preview” for Hilton Grand Vacations, which is the Hilton timeshare business. The fine print, all of which can be found here, includes the crucial element that, in order to not be charged more than your original package cost, you must attend a two-hour timeshare sales presentation.

During those two hours, you will be subjected to some pretty intense salesmanship. But if you remain firm about only being there to listen and collect information – with absolutely no intention to buy a timeshare – then you should be able to endure your 2-hour session (or shorter if the salesperson gives up) before returning to the pool, casino, etc.

When Can I Travel?

Perhaps it is worth making clear that you MUST attend the 2-hour timeshare session in order to earn those 50,000 Hilton points (so you can’t just buy the package as a way of acquiring some cheaper-than-normal Hilton points). You have 12 months from the date of purchase to actually travel.

I assume that there will be some blackout dates as well – i.e. no Vegas at New Year’s or Orlando at Spring Break… Once booked, you have substantial flexibility to change your travel dates, although you must pay at least $19.95 to change dates.

A $19.95 charge applies to each reservation change made up to 30 days prior to arrival. Should your plans change within seven (7) days of your scheduled arrival, requiring a change of your reservation or arrival dates, the equivalent of one (1) night at the currently published rack rate will be applied to the cost of the package.

Where Can I Book This Deal?

You can find the full details of this offer by clicking here.

Have You Done One of These Before?

If you currently have an unused Hilton Grand Vacations holiday package, or have been on one within the last year, you aren’t eligible to participate in this promotion. But if you have previously sat through one of these presentations, we’d love to hear your comments…

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