Fairmont is Selling Gift Cards at a Discount Tomorrow

Tomorrow – May 4, 2022 – Fairmont is going to offer a limited-time discount on gift cards. Between 2pm and 5pm Eastern Daylight Time, you will be able to buy gift cards and receive a 20% bonus on top.

You can buy Fairmont gift cards here.

You can buy gift cards denominated in US dollars or Canadian dollars. Fairmont gift cards don’t expire.

You don’t even have to stay at a Fairmont hotel to use one — they’re also valid for restaurant and spa purchases.

Keep in Mind…

Each person can only take advantage of the promotion once.  And you can buy a maximum of $5,000 of gift cards. (+$1,000 bonus)

However, the top denomination of gift card is $2,000, meaning that you must add 2 $2,000 gift cards and 1 $1,000 gift card to your shopping cart before proceeding.  (assuming that you wish to maximize your total bonus)


Although you can USE these gift cards at any Fairmont hotel worldwide, it is worth noting that the conversion rates on foreign exchange are typically atrocious. So, you should only buy Canadian dollar gift cards if you have firm plans to visit Canada soon. And you might even want to think twice about buying US dollar gift cards if you are ultimately planning to stay at a Fairmont in Europe or the Middle East…


Bottom Line

If you stay at Fairmont hotels regularly, this offer is pretty close to free money.

However, it is worth remembering that these offers usually come around twice a year, so you only need to buy Fairmont gift cards if you plan to use them during 2022.



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