Radisson Rewards Americas is Offering 7,000 Points per Night With its Latest Promo

Radisson Rewards Americas has released details of a promotion that will run until December 12th, 2021.

Members can earn 7,000 bonus points per night, up to a maximum of 70,000 total bonus points. Oddly enough, instead of promoting how 70,000 points could be used on one or more award nights at a number of interesting hotels, Radisson Americas has chosen to promote the redemption option of $100 in gift cards…

Due to the geographical split of Radisson into two separate entities, this promotion only applies to hotels in: the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.



1. What rates qualify for this promotion?

Standard, publicly-available paid rates on the Radisson website will earn the bonus points.

Based on my reading of the T&Cs definition of Eligible Rate, award stays should also qualify for the bonus points…

Eligible Rate” means a rate identified in Radisson Hotels Americas’ reservation system as eligible for points. Eligible Rate does not include, without limitation, the following: employee rates; friends and family rates; airline crew rates; travel agency employee rates; certain promotional and package rates; rates paid using a free night voucher and other complimentary or barter rooms; rates booked through an online travel company, whether such rates are direct, auction or bid rates; rates booked and billed through a master account, including group accounts and tour operator accounts; and certain other rates booked through third parties.

2. What is the booking period?

You must book your Radisson hotels stays between August 30th and November 22nd, 2021.

IMPORTANT!  This means that you must cancel and re-book any previously booked Radisson stays.

3. Must I register?

Yes, you must register for this promotion before checkout of your first stay.  You can register by clicking here.

4. What is Radisson Americas Award Chart Like?

70,000 points isn’t quite enough for Radisson’s top hotels, but you can still get a free night or two (or 4) at some of their more modest hotels…


5. Will This Promotion Stack with Radisson’s Double Point Promotion?

Click here to re-read our article about Radisson Americas’ current promotion.  Unfortunately the booking period for that promo ended on August 29th, meaning that you can’t double dip the two promotions, even if you have a stay planned for early September…

You can, however, cancel and rebook anything booked previously, if you like the idea of 7,000 points per night more than an extra 20 points per US dollar spent. (which you should… unless you are paying more than $350 per night for your room)

6. What is 7,000 Points “Worth”, When Used on Award Stays?

Well… Radisson occasionally sells points for 0.35 cents each. (and sometimes I buy or recommend to buy)  So that would make 7,000 points worth $24.50.  Certainly more than the $10 merchant gift card option being promoted…


The Bottom Line

Although 70,000 points isn’t even enough for a free night at Radisson’s top hotels, a “rebate” of $25 per night is quite a nice return on cheap Radisson stays. Even better if award nights do indeed count…

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