Ever Thought About Spending A Summer In Europe? – Hyatt Has Some INSANE Deals You Need To Check Out

Back in February, Hyatt launched an eye-catching offer to try and generate long-stay bookings in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, with a 29 night minimum stay length. These ‘Great Relocate Packages’ sounded a bit mad in the dark days of February when international travel still seemed a long way off, but the rates were extraordinarily cheap.

What is remarkable is that Hyatt is still offering these amazing rates, even though the pandemic/travel situation throughout much of Europe has improved massively.

Even better is that you can book dates all the way up until the end of this year – including during the peak Summer Holidays. Although a deposit for 29 nights is required, bookings made under this offer may be cancelled at no charge up to 72 hours before your scheduled arrival.

Hyatt Great Relocate Packages include:

  • Housekeeping twice a week
  • Complimentary gym access
  • Airport or train station pickup
  • Up to three hours of complimentary board meeting room usage per month
  • IT concierge to help smooth out any tech issues
  • 25% off food & beverage**
  • 25% off laundry services
  • For World of Hyatt members, standard in-hotel benefits including earning points and having nights count toward elite-tier status.

What are the prices like?

Excellent – some of these rates are genuinely astonishing. Options throughout most major European cities are available for under $140 per night, and often much lower.

For the following examples, I have selected dates during the Summer Holidays in August –  you might be able to find even better rates at other times of the year.

Andaz London- $133 per night:

Hyatt Regency Birmingham – $88 per night:

Park Hyatt Hamburg – $133 per night:

Vienna – from $122 per night:

Amsterdam – from $124 per night:

Madrid – from $144 per night:

Hyatt Centric Dublin – $108 per night:

Hyatt Centric Murano Venice – $120 per night:

Hyatt Regency Belgrade – $70 per night:

Hyatt Regency Sofia – $70 per night:

Anything else?


First, I feel the need to put into context just how good some of these rates are. The cheapest alternative rate at the Andaz in Amsterdam (also a long-stay rate), for example, is nearly 3 times more expensive than the Great Relocate rate: 

Also, you’re not limited to just standard rooms. Again, using the Andaz Amsterdam as an example, you could book a Canal View or Terrace room for just ~$29 per night more:

Or, you could book a suite for ~$306 per night, rather than ~$1,077. That’s a discount of more than 70%!

The current Hyatt global promotion ends on 15th June, but they have been quite generous recently and I expect we’ll see something similar over the summer. Between standard points earning, whatever bonus points are available, and the ‘milestone’ benefits you will earn on the way to hitting 30+ nights, you would be unlucky not to receive many $100s back in points and other perks.

Bottom line

I actually can’t quite believe that Hyatt is still offering these rates, particularly for peak summer dates.

In the current travel context, long stays tick a lot of boxes. Travel restrictions of some kind are still likely to be in place for many countries, so you probably don’t want to book anything that involves a lot of flights or crossing lots of borders.

Airbnb and other self-catering options might be a first choice, but luxury accommodation in major cities can be extremely expensive.

If you have ever idly wondered about spending a summer in Amsterdam, or wanted to get to know great cities like Dublin or London better, this could be an incredible opportunity to actually make it happen.

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