For a Limited Time… You’ll Receive a 100% Bonus When Buying Radisson Rewards Points

Radisson Rewards has launched a sale, offering to sell you points with a 100% bonus. The offer will run until March 18, 2021.

You can purchase a maximum of 80,000 points per year. Once the bonus is applied, you will receive 160,000 points. This will cost you $640 – or 0.35 cents per point.

You can click here to be taken to the promotion landing page.

Does it Make Sense to Buy Points?

The annual maximum of 160,000 points doesn’t stretch very far when you are trying to stay at one of Radisson’s best hotels costing 70,000 points per night.

But if you can track down a hotel that works for you – whether it’s a Country Inn near O’Hare, DFW or Atlanta airport or a Radisson Blu in Scandinavia – buying points at 0.35 cents often works out as a great bargain…

  1. Category 1 – $31.50
  2. Category 2 – $52.50
  3. Category 3 – $98.00
  4. Category 4 – $133.00
  5. Category 5 – $154.00
  6. Category 6 – $175.00
  7. Category 7 – $245.00

The Bottom Line

Sometimes it seems as if Radisson has simply given up on competing via a strong loyalty program. But every once in awhile you’ll find that a Radisson is the only “points” hotel in certain places of the world – so you’ll be glad to have some points in your account. This promotion might help you build up your balance…

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