Was 1250… Now 10,000 Free Hilton Honors Points

free hilton honors points

Last month, I wrote about a decent enough offer from Hilton Honors and Guest Opinion Rewards. If you signed up to Guest Opinion Rewards and completed your first survey, you’d get a bonus 1250 free Hilton Honors points on top of the points you earned for that survey.

While you can debate whether these survey sites are worth your time on an ongoing basis, it’s fair to say that the sign-up bonus made it worth at least the first survey.

And now it really makes sense!

I’m pleased to say that as of yesterday, the sign up bonus has been changed to a massive 10,000 free Hilton Honors points when you complete your first survey!

free hilton honors points

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this makes this offer worthwhile. We value Hilton points at around 0.5 cents, so that’s a massive $50 worth of Hilton points for simply signing up to Guest Opinion Rewards and completing one survey.

The only very minor small print is that survey needs to be completed within three months of signing up, but that really should not be an issue.

A couple more points

First, whether you want to continue with Guest Opinion Rewards after your first survey is entirely down to you. As I noted in my original article, it is not necessarily “good value” for your time, but it can be strangely satisfying.  I leave that decision to you, but don’t assume it’s an easy route to endless free Hilton stays – although it will contribute!

free hilton honors points

Secondly, a few people said they were not being offered surveys following sign-up after the first article. I can’t comment on individual circumstances, other than to say that you absolutely need to be US-based to get offered these surveys. If you’re IP address is saying something else (e.g. you’re operating through a non-US VPN), then you’re unlikely to get surveys.


  1. Jack Taylor says

    My understanding is this only works for US Hilton members, and therefore wouldn’t be applicable for most readers in the UK – regardless of whether you use a VPN or not.

    • Tom Sumner says

      Points will definitely post to a Hilton Honors account with a non-US address. The jiggery pokery is in setting up the Guest Opinion Rewards with a US address and using a US VPN to ensure that survey invite links by email actually allow you to go on and take the survey.

  2. DrDingDing says

    I signed up for the original bonus, so I’m disappointed that the signup bonus has increased exponentially. I receive invitations to complete surveys several times per week, but the number of points awarded compared to the time required to complete a survey is insultingly low. I’m interested in earning Hilton points, but I won’t complete a 30-minute survey to earn 100 points.

    • Craig Sowerby says

      You definitely need to use a US postal address when signing up. But even with a VPN you might not be invited to do a survey if you are outside of the US.

  3. Shawn says

    Has anyone actually received their bonus points yet? I got an email stating “Congratulations – you’ve completed your first survey! Your account will be credited with 10000 Hilton Honors Bonus points” about 10 days ago, but haven’t received anything yet

    However, ironically I never completed the survey. I simply started the survey and then the survey crashed on me and I had to exit. Got the email anyways..

    Not sure if I should try and complete another one just in case. But its been a pain, as almost everyone survey says its already full, or I do not qualify

    • Tom Sumner says

      Yes, I got mine a couple of weeks after doing my first survey. That said, I was a bit unfortunate because I got the far lower sign up bonus.

      Hilton points

  4. Daniel Moore says

    I just signed up and got bounced from the first four surveys I attempted. On #5 I was able to finish he survey and received a congratulatory message to that effect. Will check back to advise when points (bonus) hit account.

  5. Aren Tung says

    This opinion survey is Bull shit. You take time to answer questions then they say oh- sorry. We had too many people so we don’t need you. After you spend time giving them your opinion. What a scam.

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