World of Hyatt Members Shouldn’t Forget to Check this List Regularly

If you are a World of Hyatt member, you are probably aware that Hyatt points are the most valuable hotel point. I reckon that they are worth at least 1.5 cents each, and can easily be used at a 2 cents valuation or higher. So the chance to pick up 500 points per night – even on award stays – is something that can easily be worth $7.50-10+ per night.

You can earn these 500 points by staying in one of Hyatt’s new hotels. The list changes regularly, as new hotels are added to the network (and some hotels age out of “new”).

At the time of publishing, the list includes 28 hotels in the United States and 42 hotels worldwide.

You can find Hyatt’s list of new hotels – those that qualify for the offer and the dates in question – by clicking here.

Sometimes there are really amazing hotels – such as the new Alila in Napa Valley, California – where 500 points per night isn’t much of an extra incentive. But there are other times when you might be looking for a standard Hyatt Place / House – such as near LAX or Nashville airports – when an extra 500 points per night can be a nice little added rebate.

And of course… these promotional points stack with whatever other chain-wide promotion that Hyatt is running. (1,000 points per night at the moment)  And even award stays qualify…

So… it makes sense to take a peek at the list regularly. Who knows if you will find a new hotel in a place that you are already planning to visit. (or might like to include in your travels…)

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