Extended: Buy Hilton Points With 100% Bonus

I am never a strong advocate of buying loyalty points. I rarely manage to get good value, and a ridiculous part of me (the same part that spends 30 minutes doing a survey in exchange for 25 miles) views it as a form of “cheating”.

However, a combination of the current Hilton 100% bonus on points purchases and some generally great Hilton redemption options means that the Hilton Honors 100% bonus deals are one of the few points purchase options I genuinely look out for. I don’t necessarily always buy, but there is often a good argument to do so.

The current 100% bonus was due to expire tomorrow, but has now been extended until 8 March.  When you purchase at least 10,000 points, you will receive the bonus. In effect, you are buying Hilton points for 0.5 cents each.

Should you buy with a 100% bonus?

Sorry to abdicate responsibility – and you might also be tired about reading how to save money in the Maldives or Bora Bora, instead of somewhere closer to home – but this really is one worth crunching the numbers on depending on your personal circumstances.

If you’re tempted by a Hilton stay, have a look at:

  • the cash cost of the stay
  • the points cost of the stay
  • the cost of buying those points with a 100% bonus

And then make your conclusions.

Note that if you’re a Silver Honors member or better, your fifth reward night (but not cash night) will be free – always a likely source of value that makes buying points worthwhile.

In addition, the current Hilton Honors points promo (giving you 2K Honors points per stay, plus 5K bonus points for 5 nights) will apply to reward stays. So you aren’t giving up any juicy double / triple / quadruple points potential by buying points (for immediate use) instead of paying a cash rate.

Cover photo courtesy of Hilton (Hilton.com)

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