WATCH OUT For A New Marriott Bonvoy Email Scam

Lifetime Status

PSA: John over at LoyaltyLobby reports that fraudsters are attempting to scam Marriott Bonvoy members with the promise of free nights.

As far as email scams go, it’s a relatively sophisticated one. It claims to offer a free 2-night stay at any Marriott in the world as compensation for a ‘data breach’.

Presumably, if you click through to claim your fictional free stay, you will be asked to provide your Marriott Bonvoy account details and password. Once the scammer has those, they can empty your account of Marriott Bonvoy Points and could even access other data useful to them like your address, date of birth, and some credit card info.

Bottom line

I like to think I’m pretty good at spotting scams, but due to a completely unrelated security issue on one of my credit card accounts, I almost ended up clicking on an Amazon email scam attempt recently. It was the very fact that I was on the lookout for any other security breaches that made me nearly click on the “your account has been compromised” message.

By linking the ‘compensation’ scam offer to Marriott’s well publicised data hack problems, I can see more than a few people falling for this one unfortunately. Don’t be one of them!

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