Netflix Adds Offline Viewing

In a Christmas-came-early move, Netflix stunned yesterday with the announcement that offline viewing is now available.

At no extra cost to Netflix subscribers, you can now download to save content to watch later when you don’t have an internet connection.


Frequent travelers can instantly see the value. Those on long flights with sub-par or no video options can use their iPad or Android device (in airplane mode, of course) to watch their favorite movies and TV shows.

The new option will undoubtedly be an instant hit as well with those on international flights, when you’ve already watched everything even remotely interesting and still have 6+ hours remaining on the flight.


The news comes at just the perfect time as families shove kids in the back of the car for the holiday road trip to visit Great Uncle Bruce, take flights to visit far-flung relatives, and squeeze in a couple more business trips.

Plus, if you’re someone that likes to binge watch a whole Netflix original series (ie. The Crown, and the instant hit Stranger Things) you can download the episodes and keep watching.


Although Netflix is not the first streaming service to offer the option to save content to view offline, it is one of the most attractively priced with options starting below $10 a month.

Are you a Netflix subscriber yet?

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