Mosaic Status: Earn Double Points through December 31

Check your email. In yet another effort to drive traffic, JetBlue has sent out a double points offer. Unlike many bonuses, however, these extras count toward Mosaic Status.

Mosaic Status

Mosaic status

Mosaic Status is JetBlue’s version of elite status. Unlike its network brethren, it doesn’t offer free upgrades but does offer several other perks. They include:

  • Fee free changes and cancellations for you and everyone on your reservation
  • Two free bags
  • Early boarding as well as priority security and check-in
  • A super-duper special phone number

You can see all of the benefits here, but the fee waivers alone are very valuable. Has your ticket price dropped since you bought it? No problem. Call them and they’ll give you a credit for the difference.

Typically, it takes 15,000 base TrueBlue points (or 30 segments plus 12,000 base points) to earn Mosaic Status, which is $5,000 in spend on JetBlue, at three points per dollar. You can also earn Mosaic Status by spending $50,000 annually on the JetBlue Plus Card. The spending requirements are not easy, though, so this promotion will definitely push a few people over the top.

The Promotion

The good news is that, if you got the email, you are already registered and the promotion is pretty straightforward. Book and fly by December 31, 2016, and you’ll earn double base points. In other words, you’ll pick up six base points per dollar spent on JetBlue. Any bonus points you receive, such as the online booking bonus or extra points for having Mosaic Status, are awarded as usual.

The Terms And Conditions

Please be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

  • The most important point is that you must have received the email in order to qualify. There’s no way to register if you didn’t, although you could always call the airline and asked to be added to the promotion. JetBlue is not particularly good about honoring those requests, but it only costs you a few minutes of time to find out.
  • You must book and fly between today and December 31. If you booked your ticket prior to today, you won’t get double points, even if your flight falls during the promotion period.

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