Lounge Review: Delta Sky Club Boston Logan, Main Terminal

What’s better than a Delta Sky Club in Boston? How about two Sky Clubs in Boston? This review is for the “new” main terminal club.

Until this year, Delta only had one Sky Club in Boston, located in the satellite concourse of Terminal A. This Sky Club is excellent in its own right, known for some of the best agents in the system, but the 5-10 minute walk to the concourse was an added inconvenience if your flight took off in gates A1-A11. With Southwest taking over half the gates in the satellite, however, more flights were starting to come into the main terminal, forcing long walks for passengers.

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Open Lounge

The “new” Sky Club in the main part of the terminal solved that issue. Located immediately after security, the lounge is the former location of the Continental (and then United) clubs. The space is small, but utilization is good. Even better, it’s located around the corner at Gate A7, right after security.


The club itself has been through more than one renovation and looks much more upscale than it has in the past. I visited alone on a Tuesday morning and was treated to a nice array of options for breakfast, including cereal, bagels, fruit, oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs and others. For those looking to imbibe, there is a bar directly across from the food. Pick out your cereal, turn around and pick out your wine.



It was a light day and there was plenty of seating, but I’ve seen the club get crowded during its busy periods. One half of the club is dedicated to seating, while the other half has numerous cubicle spaces and a bit more seating. The lounge has everything that most business travelers would need, even in a small space. The WiFi is good and there are outlets all over.


Some airport lounges, despite the fact that are for “premium” travelers, have lousy service. And others have outstanding service. Over time, the clubs with poor service tend to stay poor. But maintaining excellent service is difficult, so I was nervous about what I would get at the new lounge, considering that the satellite lounge is considered to be among Delta’s best for service. I need not have worried. The women and check-in were friendly and efficient. One of them recognized me from a previous trip, which is always nice. Plates and silverware were cleared away quickly, while food items were refreshed before ever running out. The bathrooms were clean and the main part of the club was immaculate.


Just after security in Terminal A, near Gate A7. It’s on the second floor.


Daily: 6am until 7:30pm



Outstanding service, decent food, good utilization of a small space


Due to the small size of the club, it can get very crowded during busy periods



Size and Comfort

Food and Beverage

Overall Rating


I wish it were bigger, but everything else about the club is great. It's a good product in a much more convenient location than the one in the satellite terminal.


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