‘BAGTAG FLEX’ – Travel With Even Less Stress

BAGTAG, the digital luggage tag pioneers, recently launched the ‘BAGTAG Flex’ – specially designed to reduce travel stress and make travelling with luggage as easy as possible.

More travel comfort with BAGTAG Flex

With BAGTAG, travellers can request a digital baggage label from their airline from anywhere and at any time and attach it to their travel bag – which means that waiting times at check-in are a thing of the past.

BAGTAG Flex has a new locking system that can be flexibly attached to any luggage and can therefore be reused as often as required. It doesn’t need a battery and connects seamlessly with any iOS and Android smartphone, in order to create the e-paper label directly via the airline or the BAGTAG app.

The digital baggage label is updated contactlessly and securely using near field communication technology. The entire check-in process can be completed in minutes from home or a hotel, which means you can reduce waiting times as well as unnecessary points of contact with other travellers at the airport.

In combination with the fast baggage drop-off system, checking in your bag at the airport can be shortened to just 4 seconds – without touching anything other than your own luggage.

Due to the robustness of its design, BAGTAGs can withstand any flight transport (including severe turbulence and heavy-handed baggage handlers!) without any problems. 

Improvement of the BAGTAG app

In addition, BAGTAG has improved its mobile app for iOS and Android. As of now, travellers benefit from an optimised check-in service with more convenient operation and faster provision of the e-paper label and baggage check-in. The services and functions can also be tested without a current flight booking.

Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, Air Dolomiti, China Southern and KLM are all currently part of the BAGTAG network, with new airline partners being added all the time.

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Photos: (c) BAGTAG