Hilton Status Match Available to Diamond Tier

If you already have elite status with another hotel chain, you can get a status match with Hilton per this thread on Flyertalk.

And best of all, you do NOT need to complete any stays at Hilton. In the past when requesting a status match, you had to stay four times in 90 days.

Now, you only need to spend a few minutes sending an email. And Hilton will match your status through March 2017. So if you have top tier status with another hotel, you can match to Hilton Diamond status.

Here’s how you can match your current hotel elite status to Hilton elite status.

Hilton Diamond Status Match

Hilton Diamond
Match your elite status from another hotel to Hilton Diamond

Normally you’d need 30 stays or 60 nights to get Hilton Diamond status. But you can match to Hilton Diamond status if you have Hyatt Diamond, IHG Spire, Marriott Platinum, or Starwood Platinum elite status.

Hilton Diamond status gives you:

  • Free upgrades (based on availability)
  • Free Premium in-room Wi-Fi (where available)
  • Free lounge access
  • Free health club and fitness center access
  • Late check-out
  • No fee for second guest (where charged for double occupancy)
  • 50% elite status bonus
  • Two free bottles of water

If you’re planning on any Hilton stays next year (paid or award), you should consider doing a status match, especially if you’re matching to Hilton Diamond.

By status matching you’ll get all the benefits of being a Hilton Diamond. And you can cancel your Citi Hilton Honors Reserve or Hilton Honors Surpass Card from American Express and skip paying the annual fee.

How to do a Hilton Status Match

1.  Take a photo of your current elite hotel card (or screenshot of your account showing your hotel status). Hilton will accept jpg, word documents, and PDFs.
2.  Email the photo (or screenshot) and your Hilton HHonors number to Hilton at [email protected] before January 11, 2016.
3.  Wait to receive confirmation of your matched Hilton elite status in about five business days.

Only include your name, current hotel elite status information, and your Hilton number. Do NOT include any other identifiable information.  Personally, I blacked out my Hyatt Diamond number. I figured the screenshot showing my status, the number of stays and my Lifetime Hyatt points was enough proof.


You can status match to Hilton Diamond if you have elite status with another hotel like Hyatt or Starwood.

Simply email a photo or screenshot of your current elite status with another hotel along with your Hilton Honors number to [email protected] by January 11, 2016. And you’ll be matched to an equivalent elite status with Hilton through March 2017.

The process takes five business days to complete.


Did you match to Hilton Diamond status?


  1. Trey Campbell says

    I signed up for this with me being Platinum Premier with Marriott on December 2nd, and I have still not heard back from them.

    • Debra Schroeder says

      Hi Trey Campbell,

      Hmm, it should only take 5 business days.

      When you submitted your status match request did you 1) include documentation (screenshot or photo) of your Marriott Platinum Premier information? and 2) Did you get the generic auto reply saying they got your request and might need your documentation?

      If you didn’t get the generic auto reply, check your spam folder.

      I’d submit the information again, just in case.

    • Counsellor says

      It may be because they’ve changed their practice. Here’s what I got from them:[quote] Effective Dec 23rd, 2015 we will no longer review inquiries sent to [email protected] email as we have moved to process online through https://hhonormystatus.hiltonapps.com site.

      We’re excited to honor your status and offer our elite benefits to even more members like you. If you have not already done so, please visit HHonorMyStatus.com to complete the online form with required information to validate your status. [/quote]

      Deadline is still 11 January, so if you still want the status match, try the site they mention in the quote above.

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