BOOK NOW! – IHG One Rewards Points Pricing Flash Sale Is Superb…

IHG One Rewards appears to be running a secret ‘flash sale’  (or possible award pricing glitch…) that has created some incredible deals.

Pricing isn’t totally consistent (perhaps not all hotels are participating), but as you can see in the examples for New York below, it is possible to save a lot of points/money:

Compare those points rates to the cash rates:

In the most extreme example you could book the Even Times Square Hotel for 20,000 rather than $425 per night. Normally, you’d look to get about $100 of value from 20,000 IHG One Rewards Points, so this is remarkable value.

Don’t have enough IHG Points?

If you need to purchase points to take advantage of the flash sale, IHG is offering a 75% bonus at the moment.

To get the best price you need to buy 26,000+ (pre bonus) points – so at least 45,500 in total. If you did so, you would effectively pay ~0.571 cents per point, so this could be an attractive option.

Please do bear in mind though that the flash sale could end at any moment, so I would only recommend buying points if you have a decent alternative use for them, or can afford to take the risk.

You can purchase points here.

Bottom line

I’ve only had chance to check a few different destinations out, but the best value seems to be IHG’s lower and mid range brands in expensive cities.

Let us know what bargains you spot in the comments below!

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