Get a 135% Bonus When Buying Avianca Lifemiles (for 4 Days Only!)

Avianca’s LifeMiles program has launched yet another one of its regular promotions to buy miles with a massive bonus. This promotion, offering a 135% bonus, will run until August 27th, 2021.

You can buy up to 200,000 miles per year, but the nice thing about this version of the promotion is that very small top-ups also receive the 135% bonus. Other airlines / promotions often make you buy far more miles in order to get the best pricing / highest bonus.

But with LifeMiles this week, you can buy as little as 2,350 miles for $33, or 1.4 US cents each.

Why LifeMiles?

There’s no question that LifeMiles is less popular than it used to be. Multiple award chart devaluations and a crackdown on some more inventive itineraries put an end to that…  😉

It is also worth noting that changing or cancelling LifeMiles award redemptions is expensive and time-consuming. This has become even more relevant with all of the travel disruptions caused by the pandemic.

HOWEVER, if you want a last minute flight in First Class or Business Class and LifeMiles is showing award availability, you can pick up a great bargain by buying miles during a promotion such as this one (and redeeming almost immediately on an award).  LifeMiles does NOT add surcharges, which makes it a particularly good option for Lufthansa First Class…

You can reach the landing page for this promotion by clicking here.

The Bottom Line

If you aren’t already familiar with LifeMiles, you probably shouldn’t start now. And definitely not by speculatively buying miles…

But if you already make selective use of LifeMiles, this is the promotion you should be taking advantage of (along with the rarer “share miles” promotion I’ve written about previously).  I shake my head when I see conversion bonuses from credit cards and hotel chains, since you are far better off saving those transferable currencies for something better, and just buying LifeMiles during big bonus promos…

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