The EU Is Considering A Long-Term Ban On US Citizens

As Covid-19 infection rates across Europe decrease, the EU is trying to figure out how best to open its borders. Despite the extent of the connections in normal times between Europe and the United States, the US is in danger of becoming one of the countries for which EU borders are not reopened anytime soon.

The reason for this move is the concerning increase in infections in many US states over the past few weeks. While infection rates in many of the places that were initially worst affected have come down dramatically, large increases are evident in states like Arizona, Florida and Texas.

An extended ban on the US from the EU will very likely also mean that the US is closed to the citizens of EU countries. If this is the decision, many holidaymakers and business travellers on both sides of the Atlantic will see their plans for the Summer and Autumn ruined.

Big consequences for airlines and hotels

The summer months of July and August are usually very busy times for leisure travel, with lots of Americans going to Europe and vice versa. Demand for air travel was extremely unlikely to recover to pre-covid levels at any point this year, but airlines were hoping that at least some passengers would return. A ban would be a hammer blow to those hopes.

In addition to lost earnings, a ban would create yet another wave of reimbursements due to cancelled flights. This will put even more strain on the airlines.

Hotels will also be affected too of course – although the hope there will be that domestic travel will at least partially offset things.


  1. George says

    Does anyone use facts or science anymore????

    Cases going up does not mean deaths go up.
    Deaths keep going down.

    The fatality rate for Covid-19 is .05% for anyone under 50 years old (Source CDC).
    The flu is higher! (.13%)

    at *some* point, people have to learn how facts and context work.
    Like, some journalist or blogger has to start standing up to this junk science.

    Yes, ‘CASES SURGING OMG’ is a great headline to get clicks.
    But, it doesn’t mean anything.

    We need context, not more hysteria.

    Journalists love to say ‘the public is doing the wrong thing, why don’t they believe us’ after decades of journalists lying to us.

  2. Simon says

    The U.S. is currently closed to EU citizens and has been since March. Please update the article to reflect that.

  3. geoff says

    if the EU want to stop amercians coming or staying.everyone concerned in the tourist business there will suffer.coming out of the virus they want every tourist they can get.doing that will kill of europe even more

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