Finding the British Airways Avios Sweet Spot

British Airways Avios

In the past, many different methods have been presented as a means to find a British Airways Avios sweet spot. Once, it was to redeem just 25,000 miles for Aer Lingus business class from Dublin to Boston, but that one is no longer available.

Finding the best way to spend hard earned frequent flyer points can be difficult. People will disagree on the best way to maximize value on redemption bookings as everyone has a different desires.

The New British Airways Sweet Spot?

I’ve already known that using Avios for travel on Qantas within Australia is good value. You can use 9,000 points to fly business class from Melbourne to Sydney, which actually cost $800 if booked online. That’s £445/US$550/€495 for a flight timed at 90 minutes!

The longest Qantas domestic flights are their transcontinental services from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Perth. These are a similar distance to flights such as Charlotte to Los Angeles, New York to Phoenix, or London Heathrow to Cairo.

British Airways Avios

Flying from Sydney or Brisbane to Perth in business class will set you back 38,750 Avios, which is hefty enough. That being said, the flights retail for A$1,600 each way (£890/US$1,100/€990), so the saving may be worth it.

The sweet spot though, is flights between Perth and Melbourne. They just fall into the lower-range band, so you only need 22,000 Avios for these flights. Retail pricing is the same as above, so this is an excellent value way of using your hard earned points.

Overall Thoughts

Qantas domestic business class is excellent. On the flights between Perth and Melbourne the Airbus A330 is used, which offers lie-flat seating for maximum comfort. Meal service is also of an international standard and is better when compared to other domestic flights.

Those wanting to be a little sneaky could book a cheap fare from Sydney or Brisbane to get the flight from Melbourne or vice versa. It is probably worth it to save 16,750 Avios!

What do you think of this British Airways Avios sweet spot? Something you knew about or would use? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Thompson Aero Seating and Qantas Airbus A330 by Montague Smith via Wikimedia Commons.

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