Your Guide to Airport Shower Facilities

Airport shower facilities

There is nothing better than a warm shower and a comfy bed after a long haul in economy cabin, or even a business class cabin for that matter. Especially, if you are connecting to another long haul flight. Passengers that don’t have lounge access are often thin on options to shower and rest at an airport. While many airports have enhanced the services offered to transit passengers, not many offer complimentary shower rooms. I wanted to highlight airports that are transit friendly and offer free shower facilities.

Note that the links on the airport will take you directly to the airport website with related information on shower facilities. This list is not complete by any means, if you know of other airports that offer free shower facilities for transit passengers, please leave a comment below and I will update this post. Thank you in advance 🙂

Airports with Free Shower facilities for transit passengers

  • Abu Dhabi International airport – AUH 

Abu Dhabi International airport offers public shower facilities near departure gates 32 and 37. AUH airline lounges also accept paying walk-in guests, that can use the shower facilities.

  • Auckland International airport – AKL 

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Auckland International airport offers free showers in both International and Domestic terminals!! The one in International terminal is located just outside the arrivals gate whereas the showers in Domestic terminal are located on the 1st floor.

  • Dubai International airport – DXB

Dubai International Airport offers complimentary shower facilities for transit passengers, located in Terminal 3 between gates B13 and B19, and also between Gates C18 and C22. These facilities are clean but don’t offer much in way of bathroom amenities.

DXB also offers paid shower facilities, obviously. If you are looking for toiletries and other bathroom amenities included, consider paying ~$13 at the G-Force health club. They offer private shower rooms in addition to the gym. G-Force health club can be accessed at Terminal 1, Gate 115 and Terminal 3, Concourse 2 (above the Emirates Business & First Class lounges).

  • Hong Kong International airport – HKG

In addition to several paid options, Hong Kong International airport offers 24 hour complimentary shower facilities near Gate 12, Arrivals Level (L5), Terminal 1 (Restricted Area).

  • Incheon International airport – ICN 

Incheon International airport offers several complimentary shower rooms for transit passengers (3000 Won for other passengers), available 24 hours: Near gate 25 and 29 on 4F in Teminal 1,  Near gate 231 and 268 on 4F in Teminal 2.

  • Taipei Taoyuan International airport – TPE

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Taipei Taoyuan International airport offers free showering facilities in arrivals (1F, 2F) and departure (4F) areas of terminal 1 and at terminal 2 in arrivals (1F) and departure (4F) sections. The service is available round the clock, 24 hours.

Airports with paid shower facility (non-lounge)

Following airports offer shower rooms at nominal prices (under $20 US).

  • Amsterdam Schiphol International airport – AMS

YOTELAIR in Schiphol International airport offers shower cabins to rent for up to 45 minutes, at a cost of € 17.50.

  • Doha Hamad International airport – DOH

Hamad International airport offers paid shower services through ‘be relax‘ ($15 for 10 minutes and $25 for 25 minutes) for a fancy shower room.

  • Frankfurt International airport – FRA

Frankfurt International airport offers nominally priced (€6 /US$ 8) shower options at several locations in Terminal 1 and 2.

  • Narita International airport – NRT

Narita International airport offers paid shower service: First 30 minutes:1,030 JPY / Every 15 minutes thereafter: 520 JPY


Sleeping in airports is another good resource for information on airport amenities. They do a great job in keeping the information up to date. They cover all aspects of airport services, including shower rooms!


  1. KK says

    From my travel experience, SIN, SFO, KUL and SYD should be on the article as well. I’m sure HEL has facilities attached to the spa.

  2. Gizmosdad says

    Thanks for this list – it’s amazing to me the number of airports that DON’T offer showers — there are plenty of us making long flights with long layovers and access to a shower certainly helps in keeping us human while travelling.

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