Boston to be Delta’s Latest Official Hub City


Delta announced Monday that Boston Logan International Airport is officially the airline’s newest hub city, writes FlightGlobal’s Edward Russell. Austin (AUS), Cincinnati (CVG), Nashville (BNA), Raleigh/Durham (RDU), and San Jose (SJC) were designated as the mothership’s latest “focus cities.”

One naturally assumes BOS will provide more domestic options but also become another transatlantic option for Delta flyers.

Delta metal will operate flights from Boston to Amsterdam, Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London Heathrow, and Paris. This opens the door to more Elite Mileage Runs — like the BOS to LHR run we posted last week.

FWIW, Logan is already home to a pair of Sky Clubs. We’ve been told by a few readers via comments and direct email that one of the clubs is undergoing renovations.

I assume we’ll see a number of the retrofitted Delta One 767-400s pass through BOS — on transcons and TATL flights. At least, we can only hope, especially after YouTuber Paul Lucas posted a vlog of his embarrassing D1 experience.

Delta’s New “Focus Cities”

Austin (AUS)

Austin is home to Delta’s newest — and, in my opinion, nicest — Sky Club. The city is booming and Delta can’t add flights fast enough. I’ve flown into AUS a couple of times this year — and received a #bumpertunity on a Wednesday to SLC. In fact, a red coat told me how full or oversold many flights are.

Cincinnati (CVG / WKRP)

I find it interesting that Delta has named an existing hub as a focus city. Cincinnati has long been a Delta staple — but it’s seen its mothership traffic shrink. It’s nice to see Delta recommit — at least a little — to CVG.

Nashville (BNA)

Nashville is, to a degree, like Austin: a big music city whose other business and real estate opportunities have grown nicely. It’ll be interesting to see which cities / routes Delta adds to BNA.

Raleigh/Durham (RDU)

RDU already serves all Delta hubs, as well as several other destinations, including Madison, Indianapolis, Orlando, Miami, and a few more. Internationally, it operates a flight to/from Paris (CDG). Does this mean we’ll maybe see one or two more European destinations from RDU?

San Jose (SJC)

Delta has the right idea with expanding its San Jose options. SJC is much closer to the tech industry than SFO. And thanks to that, more and more “new money” is settling down in San Jose — and Delta surely hopes to gain some of their business.

There is no Sky Club at SJC, though there is The CLUB, accessible through Priority Pass.

What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts on Delta designating BOS as its newest hub? Do you like DL’s choice of focus cities? Tell us in the comment section below! – Chris

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