The Week’s Biggest Stories: Laptop Ban Update + TSA’s Failings + American, Alaska Breakup

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In case you missed something, following are the biggest travel stories and best deals covered this past week. Check ’em out!

Airfare Transparency Imperiled by New Legislation

Included in the latest FAA reauthorization bill is a provision to gut the airfare transparency rule, jeopardizing consumers’ ability to price-shop flights.

Four Airlines See Laptop Ban Lifted

That laptop ban that’s been the subject of so much debate and hand-wringing? It’s making a slow fade into oblivion as more airlines are exempted.

Hyatt Diminishes Transparency, Opens Door to Sky-High Award Prices

When Hyatt added a new resort to its list of award options, it amended its terms and conditions to allow it to increase award prices willy nilly. Ouch!

Is TSA Missing 95% of Banned Items at Security?

A recent test found that the TSA’s success rate in detecting banned items at security checkpoints was a dismal 5 percent.

American, Alaska Air Frequent-Flyer Partnership Unravels

Beginning next year, the frequent-flyer relationship between Alaska Air and American will be a lot less robust. Details here.

‘Unsafe, Uncomfortable, Unfair’ – United’s New Tagline?

United’s recent string of highly publicized blunders and misdeeds has made a mockery of the carrier’s longtime tagline, “Fly the friendly skies!”

How Much Would You Pay to Have an Empty Seat Next to You?

How much would you pay to have the coach seat next to you empty? Middle East carrier Etihad Airways is about to find out.

Uber Changes Course, Adds Tipping Option to App

Uber this week did the unthinkable: The world’s dominant rideshare company reversed its long-held no-tipping policy. Great for drivers; less so for riders.

Win a 5-Day Trip to Iceland, Including Business-Class Air

Enter to win a five-day trip for two to Iceland, including business-class air, airport transfers, hotel, one dinner, helicopter and snowmobile tours, swag.

Somebody has to win this trip, right? Might as well be you.

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