SAS Introduces New Food and Drinks Concept

SAS has launched a new food & drinks concept on their European and Scandinavian flights.

The Concept

Moving away from the over-salted chips and stale snacks so commonly found on flights, the “New Nordic by SAS” food and drinks focus is on seasonal, natural, and local ingredients. The key takeaway for passengers comes down to one simple word – Fresh.

Through research, SAS has determined that higher food quality promotes a better experience for passengers, and SAS is also committed to sourcing from local suppliers and utilizing ingredients when they are in season. This environmentally friendly action means less transport, and less waste.

The Design

Making presentation fun, the new lunches and dinners arrive in quirky containers that slightly resemble Chinese take-out. Passengers are each given three sturdy boxes that are easy to move around, eat from, close up when finished, or save a few bites for later.

(Photo credit: SAS)

The meal cubes are ideal for passengers to handle while doing any number of things  simultaneously while eating, like using electronics or reading.

The New Menu

The newly rolled out menu includes Swedish lamb, Danish veal, Norwegian fjord salmon, and locally grown vegetables from Skags Gård farm.

Norwegian salmon might be paired with Swedish elderberries, accompanied by wheat grains, cabbage, and a flourish of dill cream.

(Photo credit: SAS)

Included in the price of SAS PLUS tickets, other delicious choices might include stone-baked bread from II Fornaio, asparagus grown at Stenhuse Gård Farm, handmade chocolates from Hedh Escalante or potatoes from Tollby Gård Farm.

Some favorite products from major international brands will continue to be featured, but most of the items are being updated.

As a bonus, the carefully chosen food combinations of the New Nordic by SAS have much more flavor in flight than many other meals in the sky, leading to higher passenger satisfaction.


A member of the Danish InsideFlyer community got to try out the new menu on a recent flight to the Faroe Islands from Copenhagen. Click here for their full report (and allow the page to be translated unless you just want to drool over the pictures!).

(Photo credit: SAS)

Bottom Line

Urgent in today’s world, focusing on local and seasonal ingredients is a laudable yet almost expected choice for any company. SAS choosing to do so with their “New Nordic by SAS” food & drinks sets a higher standard for others to follow, and passengers will surely enjoy the new, fresh offerings.

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