When Pigs (Almost) Fly at SFO

A stressed traveler almost in tears at the San Francisco airport kneels down and softly strokes LiLou, a Juliana breed therapy pig.

After a moment or two the woman is noticeably calmed, and then smiles.

LiLou is on hand at SFO airport to help make holiday travel a little less stressful for passengers. Cheer is not easy to come by when flights are delayed or cancelled, and even the process of getting through the TSA metal detector can be an ordeal.

With brightly painted nails and a zaffre blue tutu, LiLou does tricks and effortlessly charms her audiences. She wears a vest that reads, “Pet Me!” to encourage interaction, and is keen to the moods and needs of frustrated and stressed travelers.

LiLou and her “Mom” Tatyana are volunteering with San Francisco’s SPCA animal assisted therapy (AAT) program and Wag Brigade is an extension of that. Started in 2013, the SFO Wag Brigade was started to bring delight to travelers. While there are lots of dogs and bunnies, LiLou is the first pig to join the therapy team.

An instant hit, LiLou even has her own Instagram page and fan following. The photo above is from her Instagram account.

To see LiLou in action, here’s a video from ABC News –

If you pass through SFO this holiday season, keep your eyes open for pig celebrity LiLou and don’t hesitate to give her a smile or pat.

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