With Hilton and Google Maps, Choose the Hotel With Surroundings Which Appeal Most to You

Hilton HHonors and Google Maps software integration

You might be in the mood to dine in a legendary restaurant. Perhaps you want to take in a game at a stadium nearby when visiting a city. Maybe your favorite music group or comedian is in town at the same time as you and you want to stay near the venue where they are performing to catch their show. An important criterion to consider in terms of where you want to stay overnight is that the office building where your important meeting is scheduled is conveniently located nearby within walking distance.

Is there a highway or a brick wall outside of the window of the room? Does your potential room selection face east toward the sunrise or west towards the sunset? Will the mountains in the distance be included in your view; or the ocean nearby to which you can fall asleep to the sounds of the waves roaring ashore amidst the cool maritime breezes?

In the past, you might have had to coordinate with at least two different sources in order to ensure that you chose the hotel property which was most convenient for what you wanted to do; but a new partnership has formed which can potentially ensure that reaching that goal is considerably easier for you.

With Hilton and Google Maps, Choose the Hotel With Surroundings Which Appeal Most to You

When you use the software application program offered by Hilton HHonors for use on your portable electronic device, you now have the unprecedented ability to see more details about the surroundings of a desired hotel or resort property; and the potential view from a room before deciding on your final selection — thanks to the technology of Google Maps integrated in the software.

The updated digital floor plans of the software now include detailed geographical information about the surrounding of the hotel or resort property. You can better visualize where available hotel rooms are located in relation to city streets, public transportation, parks, bodies of water and other markers to assist you in planning your trip as efficiently and as optimally as possible.

Additionally, you will soon be able to see where additional points of interest — such as landmarks or attractions — are in relation to your selected room.

Here is an official video which gives a short demonstration of how the technology works:


“By working with Google, we’re making our guests’ feedback reality by providing an exciting, in-app experience that lets our Hilton HHonors members pick their perfect room”, said Geraldine Calpin, who is the chief marketing officer of Hilton Worldwide.

Hilton HHonors and Google Maps software integration
The updated digital floor plans include detailed geographical information about the hotel’s surroundings. Source: Hilton Worldwide.

In order to experience this latest feature, you must be a member of the Hilton HHonors frequent guest loyalty program who books your reservations direct through the brand web sites of Hilton Worldwide; the application software program for your mobile device; reservation call centers; or preferred corporate travel partners and professionals. The map feature is now available for both the Apple iOS and Android systems; and it will be available on the brand web sites of Hilton Worldwide this summer.

Room Selection

To select a room, you can sign into your Hilton HHonors account via your mobile electronic device, tablet or computer beginning at 6:00 in the morning the day prior to a booked stay. Upon selecting your arrival time, you are shown a floor plan of the hotel with a green circle denoting available rooms. Along with the enhanced maps, you can view photographs and details of your hotel room — ensuring that the room you select matches your preferences. When you check in to your hotel room digitally, you can also request a Digital Key at participating hotel properties and head straight to your room upon arrival, using your smartphone as your room key.

Digital check-in with room selection is a benefit for members of the Hilton HHonors frequent guest loyalty program, available at greater than 4,500 hotel and resort properties around the world via the Hilton HHonors software application program for your mobile or portable electronic device.


This latest technical integration inches travelers closer to a one-stop shopping experience when planning a trip, which can currently consume a significant amount of time and resources.

By having the details of the surrounding area of a hotel or resort property included in your search to select where you want to stay, planning your trip can not only save you time and effort; but it can also save you money as well on such items as transportation.

Source: Hilton HHonors.

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