What Do Pilots Do between Flights?

Ever wondered what pilots do between flights at the airport? Do they go into their secret rooms (pilot lounges) at the airport, print flight plans, check the weather, and doing boring routine stuff? Or is something more going on?

For long stop-overs, FAA rules require that pilots (and flight attendants) have a mandatory 10-hour rest period. And part of that time can include how long it takes to get to the pilot’s home or hotel room.  So those pilots can use that time to sleep, spend it with family, or even hit the town (if in another city).

But what about for short flights, where the pilot’s next flight is in an a few hours? What do they do then?

I’m not a pilot so I can’t give you an insider’s look nor first hand experience as Captain Denny could. But here’s pilot Mike Wagner’s take on at what keeps your airline pilot (or jet pilot for those of you who fly “fancy”) occupied when waiting between flights.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDX6DeJnFXs]

So what do you think? Are pilots working in between flights? Or are they just sitting around?

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