InsideFlyer Offers Free Tickets for Inaugural Flights

Inaugural flights are pretty special and a ton of fun. They’re also a chance to meet up with fellow aviation enthusiasts. If you are unfamiliar, an inaugural flight is when an airline is introducing a new aircraft for the airline, a new route, or a new aircraft type altogether.

Wish you could be on one? Here’s your chance! InsideFlyer has a very special opportunity where you can get your own seat on an inaugural flight. Read on for details…

Norwegian has some inaugural routes that they are kicking off next month:

JFK-FDF (John F. Kennedy Airport – Martinique Airport) December 3, 2015 departure at 1:20pm, arrival at 7:15pm
BOS-PTP (Boston – Pointe-à-Pitre Airport)  December 3, 2015 departure at 1pm, arrival at 6:15pm
BWI-FDF (Baltimore Washington Airport – Martinique Airport) December 4, 2015 departure at 1pm, arrival at 6:25pm

Guadeloupe and Martinique! Think about the warm waters and soft sand in the French Caribbean.

M Martinique

InsideFlyer has 20 seats up for grabs on each flight.

One of the best parts? Return flights are complimentary as well, and can be to the city of your choice – JFK, BOS or BWI. You can soak up some sun and explore the islands and return whenever you wish. You can even return from PTP if you originally flew in to FDF, or vice versa. Transportation between islands is not provided, however. Think of all the possibilities. One example: You could fly from JFK to FDF, see some of the islands, and then return to Baltimore Washington via PTP.

Norwegian 738 interior
Press photo credit: Norwegian, 738 interior

Here’s how to get your seat

There are three inaugural flights, so you’ll want to follow the links below to post for a chance for a seat (or two, if traveling with a spouse, partner, etc.). Your post must include hashtag #fly4unicef.

1. Follow this link to post and enter for the inaugural JFK-FDF on December 3
Follow this link to post and enter for the inaugural BOS-PTP on December 3
Follow this link to post and enter for the inaugural BWI-FDF on December 4

Post example: Hi, I’m Melinda, I like oceans and cupcakes and would love to go to the Caribbean with you guys. #fly4unicef.

You can post as many times as you want for as many of cities as you want. Each entry counts for yourself as well as one companion if you want (spouse, partner, etc.)

2. The drawing will take place at noon Mountain time on Monday November 9th, 2015. The winners will be published and then contacted via PM on on November 9th, 2015.

3. Winners must respond via PM by 6pm MT on the same date, November 9, 2015 to claim their ticket, and provide the name of their traveling companion (if not traveling solo) return city and date of their choice (JFK, BOS or BWI). Prize winners must check to make sure there is return availability to their chosen city on the date they want. Winners can take any return flight they want as long as there is space available.

4. If the winner does not respond by 6pm Mountain time on November 9, 2015 with acceptance of the prize, name of companion and the desired return city and date with availability, the free ticket will go to the next person.

5. Each winner must make a donation to Unicef. It can be in any amount, as every bit helps! A direct online link will be provided to winners once the contest has ended.

Norwegian is a close sponsor of UNICEF, which is a strong 70-year old humanitarian agency that works to improve the lives of children –

M Unicef beliefs

Annually, Norwegian flies what they call, “the most important flight of the year” to bring much needed aid and life-saving supplies to places in the world where it makes a huge difference.

Here’s a look at their most recent aid flight –

What a heartwarming look at such important goals.

For full contest rules, please follow this link to read more.

Good luck to all!

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