‘Mistake’ Hotel Rate! – Flash Sale Code Is Still Working

Last week, Radisson Rewards ran a genuinely excellent ‘flash sale’, offering offering rooms at four of its Park Plaza brand hotels in London for just $135 (£89) per night. What was particularly impressive about this, was that you could book dates all the way through to the end of September and the rate was fully flexible – you didn’t even need to pay anything in advance. So, it was basically a completely risk-free way to book good central London hotels for $135.

Given that normal prices are double that (or more), it made sense that this was a ‘flash sale’, with a limited 72-hour booking window. The sale was due to end on 20th March 2021.

However… if you click through to the sale page here, you can actually still access the heavily discounted rates.

Although the “72-Hour Flash Sale” graphics are still in place, the terms have now been adjusted to the following:

As you can see, it is in fact possible to book up until 27th March 2021. 

Availability (even for peak Summer dates) remains excellent, with the £89 per night rate widely available:

Bonus deal

If you weren’t sure about booking before, perhaps the knowledge that you can upgrade to a balcony suite with Westminster views for as little as £50 extra might change your mind? Full details can be found on our UK sister-site here.

View from the balcony/terrace of a suite at the Park Plaza Riverbank.

Bottom line

If travel to the UK is possible this Summer, it could be an incredible time to visit London.

If an even better deal turns up (or travel isn’t possible), you can just cancel and haven’t had to pay any cash up front anyway!

Basically, if you think there’s any chance you might be in London this summer, you might as well book something now.

There’s really nothing to lose, so long as you remember to cancel 48 hours before the stay, if you can’t go.

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