Free Wi-Fi During Your Flight From New York or Chicago to Tokyo — But…

Free Wi-Fi During Flight promotion 2016

You can enjoy free Wi-Fi during your flight from New York or Chicago to Tokyo through Friday, March 31, 2017 at 11:59 in the evening Pacific Daylight Time when you purchase a ticket in either the first class, business class or premium economy class cabins on airplanes operated by All Nippon Airways on specific flights to Haneda Airport — originating from either New York or Chicago; or originating in any other city in the United States with routing via New York or Chicago — from Sunday, October 30, 2016 through Friday, March 31, 2017, when all flight activity must be completed.

You are considered an eligible customer if you purchase a tickets as a passenger only on the following flights — both one-way or roundtrip — operated by All Nippon Airways…

  • NH109
  • NH110
  • NH111
  • NH112

…in fare classes E, G, P, Z, D, C, J, A, or F with the outbound flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York or O’Hare International Airport in Chicago — or originating in any other city in the United States with routing via New York or Chicago — to Haneda Airport, purchased through the official Internet web site of All Nippon Airways for the United States during the promotion period; and you will receive a complimentary coupon code good for Wi-Fi during your flight.

There is no limit to the number of Wi-Fi coupon codes you can earn for the duration of this promotion.

Any coupon code issued for free access to Wi-Fi during the promotion period will automatically expire on Saturday, April 1, 2017; so if you are not able to use it by Friday, March 31, 2017, the value of the coupon code cannot be refunded to you or exchanged.

How to Register and Use the Coupon Code

  1. Purchase your eligible airline ticket here using the Flight Search functionality; and after your purchase of an eligible ticket, you will receive an e-mail message with a Uniform Resource Locator — or URL — link for the campaign registration.
  2. Access the coupon code registration site and click on the coupon code banner from either Purchase Confirmation or Reservation Details.
  3. Obtain a Wi-Fi coupon code — which will be displayed once you click the Issue Coupon Code button — and ensure to take note of your coupon code, as you will need this when you board the flight; and if you choose to enter your e-mail address, the coupon code will also be sent to you via e-mail message.
  4. Upon boarding the aircraft, enter your e-mail address followed by the coupon code on the screen for access to in-flight Wi-Fi — redeem your coupon code by selecting Use a Code and enter your e-mail address followed by the coupon code.

Terms and Conditions

You are not eligible for this promotion if you have tickets:

  • Purchased on any All Nippon Airways Internet web site other than for the United States
  • Purchased for a flight marketed and operated by another airline
  • Purchased for code share flights:
    • Marketed by All Nippon Airways but operated by partner airlines
    • Operated by All Nippon Airways but marketed by another airline
  • As a result of redeeming frequent flier loyalty program miles
  • Which are not revenue tickets
  • With the eligible flight but originating from Japan or any country other than the United States — even if routed through New York or Chicago

No refund or change can be issued to you if you:

  • Purchased Wi-Fi for an eligible flight prior to this promotion
  • Accessed the Wi-Fi on an eligible flight without entering the promotion coupon code, the Wi-Fi fee will be fully charged to you

If you purchase more than one ticket, please apply for the Wi-Fi coupon code immediately after your purchase before issuing another ticket. If you did not apply for the Wi-Fi coupon code until you purchased another ticket, you will only be eligible for one Wi-Fi coupon code for the most recent eligible ticket.

One Wi-Fi coupon code can be redeemed free of charge by the travelling customer for the eligible outbound flight and if eligible for the return trip. The Wi-Fi coupon code is only redeemable one time for each eligible flight.

Each ticket number is eligible to apply once for the campaign’s free Wi-Fi, and the coupon code will be issued per eligible flight under the ticket number. Each ticket number containing an eligible flight may apply for the free Wi-Fi coupon code.

The Wi-Fi coupon code cannot be transferred.

Other terms and conditions apply.


This is a nice deal to keep you occupied on transpacific flights. Too bad it is not available for passengers seated in the economy class cabin on eligible flights…

Source: All Nippon Airways.

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