Who's On First

Who's On First

In the world of partners and points the only constant is change. The likely victims of the latest round of changes are the approximate 5 million members of the Netcentives ClickRewards program. ClickRewards is still advertising that members can redeem ClickMiles with all participating airlines, and with the Marriott and Starwood programs. The Starwood Preferred Guest program, however, is saying they won’t honor any ClickMiles transfers after Oct. 5. “We are working with ClickRewards through this process, and that all transactions prior to Oct. 5 will of course be honored,” says Jim Berra, vice president, Starwood Preferred Guest.

Chances are Starwood is worried about getting paid for the conversion of these points. If Starwood’s fears are founded, it would appear that the other programs have either overlooked this problem or are asleep at the wheel. On the other hand, the possibility exists that the Preferred Guest program is simply overreacting to recent news. In either case, redeemer beware.

Our advice: visit www.flyertalk.com and read the current threads on this subject. There are still those having no problems with redemption to Continental and Marriott, but this situation changes hourly and the real-time reports on that board are a real help.

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