US Airways Launches Debit Card

US Airways Launches Debit Card

US Airways Dividend Miles is playing its cards right. The program has teamed up with Bank of America to offer a new Dividend Miles Visa Check Card and Visa Business Card.

With the Dividend Miles Visa Check Card, purchases are deducted directly from the cardholder’s Bank of America personal checking account. One mile is earned for every $2 spent and cardholders earn a 1,000-mile bonus for the first purchase. To apply for the card, call (800) 900-9000.

Customers who choose the Dividend Miles Visa Business Card will earn one Dividend Mile for every $1 spent in net purchases and two miles for every $1 spent on US Airways goods and services purchased directly from US Airways. The business owner will earn a 5,000-mile bonus upon first purchase, one complimentary US Airways Club pass each year and a 10 percent discount on Dividend Incentives purchases. Call (800) 360-5080 to apply.

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