A Matter Of Time (Share)

A Matter Of Time (Share)

Last year we did a fairly popular article outlining how members of programs could untap a hidden wealth of miles and points with investments in the growing area of hotel-offered time shares — uh, make that vacation ownership. While we highlighted the efforts of Marriott and others, we did make mention that Hyatt was coming on. Well, that is now true as of May 1st when Gold Passport ‘officially’ unveiled its program partner: Hyatt Vacation Club.

Members of Gold Passport will now be able to earn bonus points (varies by property type and location) when investing with Hyatt as well as earning additional points when exchanging the property within the program. If you can’t wait to hear news of this new relationship in July, then contact the service center at (800) 926-4447.

We do have a disclaimer for you, because this is a new program, you may have to be patient and ask a few questions to get the most accurate information and to uncover all of the offers. Sometimes early news is a challenge.

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