The Boeing Company Was Born 100 Years Ago Today

Boeing 727 Intercontinental airplane

Exactly 100 years ago today — on Saturday, July 15, 1916 — William Edward Boeing incorporated Pacific Aero Products Company at a cost of $100,000.00. He purchased 998 of the 1,000 stock certificates issued and moved the operation to the shipyard he bought in 1910; and what is now known as The Boeing Company was born.

Many years later, this “Red Barn” building where the company was born was moved to the Museum of Flight in Seattle — the same site where the Freddie Awards occurred in 2014 — and The Boeing Company celebrates its centennial today as the largest aerospace company in the world.

The Boeing Company Was Born 100 Years Ago Today

Although today is the actual date of its anniversary, The Boeing Company has been celebrating 100 years of “making the impossible, possible” all year with events, activities and commemorations to celebrate “not only our first century of innovation but also the people and moments that inspire us to live by our founder Bill Boeing’s philosophy — ‘build something better.’”

Plenty of Things For You to Do to Join In the Celebration

You can do plenty of things to join in the celebration of the centennial of The Boeing Company — or you can at least celebrate in your own way — by:

…and there is a whole lot more which you can do. You have been warned…

Special Livery Commemorates Boeing Anniversary

Scott Mackenzie of Travel Codex — who is also the editor of InsideFlyer — attended an event of Alaska Airlines which included the unveiling of a special livery for one airplane which is dedicated to the centennial anniversary of The Boeing Company.

“Alaska Airlines announced a donation of $100,000 in Boeing’s name to the Washington Opportunity Scholarship Fund”, Mackenzie reported in this article, which includes photographs of the event and links to other custom liveries of Alaska Airlines. “Boeing promptly matched the donation, raising a total of $200,000.”

The Washington State Opportunity Scholarship is “a unique partnership helping to build the next generation of scientists, engineers, health care professionals and other professionals in high-demand fields.”


Congratulations to The Boeing Company on its centennial. May it be celebrated proudly to the fullest; and may its next 100 years be even better.

Source: The Boeing Company.

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