Hidden City Lawsuit

Hidden City Lawsuit

Computer Scientist, Aktarer Zaman, the creator of http://www.skiplagged.com , a website devoted to finding “hidden city” fares (a way to save money by booking fares with stopovers and then getting off at the stopover instead of flying through to the final stop) is being sued by Orbitz and United Airlines. Orbitz and United contend that Zaman is indulging in unfair competition and that he violates “strictly prohibited” travel. But taking advantage of hidden city flights is not against the law. Flyers who do this risk losing their frequent flyer miles, but it’s not illegal. Zaman is being asked to pay Orbitz and United $75,000 in lost revenue. But Zaman is fighting back and says, “Giving in to pressure from big corporations will be a bad precedent that I hope to avoid for as long as I can.”

Zaman has a GoFundMe page to find funds to help with his legal expenses. At this writing, he was requesting $65,000 and had received $64,096 in pledges from 3,004 supporters. Zaman is 22 years old.

Bottom line: You don’t have to use a website like Zaman’s to put together a hidden city fare so the lawsuit will do nothing to stop the practice.

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