Expedia Integrates Routehappy Data

Expedia Integrates  Routehappy Data

With the demand for lower fares, airlines are increasingly sacrificing comfort in order to stay competitive. For those travelers willing to pay more for a more comfortable trip, Expedia has announced it will integrate Routehappy data into airfare searches to help you make an informed decision. In addition to pricing information, search results will show a Routehappy analysis called the “Happiness Factor” on select U.S. route searches. Expedia plans to eventually expand the initiative to include global itineraries as well. Routehappy determines the Happiness Factor by comparing data such as aircraft type, layout, seat pitch, on-board entertainment, WiFi, availability of power outlets, fresh food offerings and whether or not a free checked bag is included in the basic ticket price.

Bottom line: It remains to be seen if travelers will take the overall Happiness Factor score into consideration when making an airfare purchase.

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