ShareBuilder Is New SkyMiles Brokerage Partner

ShareBuilder Is New SkyMiles Brokerage Partner

Delta Air Lines and ShareBuilder Securities Corporation, an online brokerage, have announced a new partnership. SkyMiles program members can now earn thousands of miles when opening an account and purchasing their first security through ShareBuilder’s investing platform.

General SkyMiles program members may earn 2,000 bonus miles and Medallion members may earn 3,500 bonus miles when opening and funding a new individual, joint, custodial, Education Savings Account or IRA with ShareBuilder. Additionally, all SkyMiles program members will receive one free month of the Standard Investing Program. Members will also earn 500 miles each quarter they are actively subscribed to either the Standard or Advantage Investing Program.

Through ShareBuilder’s investing platform, SkyMiles program members can automatically invest in stocks and exchange-traded funds or buy and sell in real time. They can also take advantage of ShareBuilder’s unique investing method, which allows fractional-share purchases.

Bonus miles for this offer will be deposited six to eight weeks after the account is opened. Additional ShareBuilder activity miles will be deposited six to eight weeks after each calendar quarter. All SkyMiles program rules and conditions apply.

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