Another Flash Sale on Radisson Points

Radisson Rewards Americas has returned with another flash sale on points. This allows you yet another chance to buy enough points to take advantage of a great promotion to turn cheap 2-night award stays into more valuable free night certificates.

Radisson Rewards Americas is offering to sell you points with a 100% bonus. The offer will run until October 13, 2021.

You can purchase a maximum of 80,000 points per year. Once the bonus is applied, you will receive 160,000 points. This will cost you $640 – or 0.35 cents per point.

Does it Make Sense to Buy Points?

The annual maximum of 160,000 points (80k x 2) doesn’t stretch very far when you are trying to stay at one of Radisson’s best hotels costing 75,000 points per night.

But if you are looking to spend 30,000 points on a 2-night award stay at a Category 1 hotel – to earn yourself a free night certificate good in early 2022 for a Category 3 hotel – then now is the PERFECT time to be buying some points if needed.

Regardless, buying points for 0.35 cents each can result in some serious bargains, since you won’t have any additional taxes to pay on “free” award nights…

  1. Category 1 – $52.50
  2. Category 2 – $105
  3. Category 3 – $157.50
  4. Category 4 – $210
  5. Category 5 – $262.50

The Bottom Line

Although the annual cap could be higher, these 100% bonuses are a great way to pick up some Radisson points. Sometimes you never quite know when you will need to stay at a Country Inn in some out-of-the-way place.So having a stash of Radisson points can be quite useful, even if you tend to prefer the larger hotel chains…

And as a travel hacker, you could theoretically get three hotel nights for little more than $100 of investment. What’s not to like about that…

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