Instant IHG Diamond Status? What’s Next?

The “travel blogger” corner of the internet went crazy yesterday – thanks to news of an IHG promotion offering instant Diamond status until the end of 2022, with the ability to extend this status through 2023 by staying 10 paid nights before December 31, 2022.

If you want to try your luck, here is the link you require – If you find yourself needing a promo code – 70027 is the code.

Over the course of yesterday (October 13th), it became clear that this promotion was actually targeted to employees of specific companies such as Amazon. Even though I normally proceed very cautiously in these situations, I just couldn’t resist the chance to potentially get free breakfast at a couple of upcoming Holiday Inn stays…

What Could Go Wrong?

IHG One Rewards is completely within its rights to shut down your account. In fact, this is basically the only thing mentioned on the promotion’s landing page.

Many offers are only available to IHG One Rewards Club members who receive a specific, targeted communication from IHG. Successful registration does not guarantee that you will receive the points or miles offered when the offer requirements are met if you are not eligible per the offer terms and conditions. Six Continents Hotels, Inc.(SCH) and its subsidiaries and affiliates which are InterContinental Hotels Group companies (collectively IHG) reserve the right to cancel any IHG One Rewards Club membership and revoke any and all unredeemed IHG One Rewards Club points for fraud or abuse of any portion of the program per the IHG One Rewards Club membership terms and conditions.

A more likely scenario is that IHG One Rewards simply reverses these instant Diamond upgrades, with no further consequences for members.

As a result, do NOT make any non-refundable reservations based on the expectation of Diamond benefits – or that you will be able to renew Diamond status with 10 paid nights.

And, even though it might be too late already, you should consider passing on this promotion if your IHG account contains millions of points, rather than a few thousand…

What Could Go Right?

IHG One Rewards might decide to look the other way.  After all, IHG offered a Diamond fast-track promotion just this summer – requiring 15 nights to renew the status for 2023.

And with the economy apparently on the verge of a recession, having several thousand “travel hackers” incentivized to stay 10 paid nights in 2.5 months –> not such a bad idea!

Wait Awhile, but then Try This…

Assuming that your account status remains at Diamond for a few weeks, you might want to consider an additional travel hack.  Sign up for Ambassador status.  (or renew your existing status)

This would offer two benefits:

  • You can take advantage of the 20,000 point promotion – click here for details
  • Your “Diamond Ambassador” status may well be extended until December 31, 2023 (regardless of whether you manage the 10 nights in 2022)

The “Ambassador travel hack” works for some, but not for others.  I have yet to find a realistic explanation for this.  Sometimes it only works for Ambassador renewals. For others it works when signing up to Ambassador for the first time.  Yet for others, their status drops down to Platinum – the status guaranteed by being an Ambassador – on January 1st.

Bottom Line

Sometimes a good “travel hack” is just combining one or more legitimate promotions.  Sometimes it “crosses the line”, but every reader can make their own decision about the exact location of that “line” and/or their willingness to cross it.


Did you sign up for instant Diamond? Let us know in the comments section…