Is Week 3 of Daily Getaways Going to Be Any Better?

The 2021 version of Daily Getaways is now live. As expected, the Hyatt packages are sold out. However, you can still buy some Hilton points if you need to circumvent the cap on buying points directly from Hilton.

At the time of my initial article, Daily Getaways only provided details of the first two weeks. Now, the packages for Week 3 have been listed.

Week 3 Packages

October 18 – Best Western Rewards

  • 10,000 points for $55 (835 packages) – 0.55 cents per point

You can buy a maximum of five packages.

From what I have read online, you rarely receive higher than 0.5 cents in value when spending BW points.

October 19 – Las Vegas (Palazzo & The Venetian)

  • $850 for three nights in a Palazzo Grand Bedroom Suite (20 packages)
  • $650 for three nights in a Venetian Grand King Suite (30 packages)

You can buy a one package at each hotel. The voucher will be valid until December 27, 2022 and, as always, you need to be aware of blackout dates and potential availability issues.

Don’t forget that you can also book the entry level suites at these hotels using your IHG points. But this does look like a bargain compared to the weekend price of these higher standard suites…

October 20 – Marriott

  • $100 e-gift card for $80 (1,070 available)
  • $250 e-gift card for $200 (252 available)
  • $500 e-gift card for $400 (200 available)

You can purchase a total of three $100 gift cards, two $250 gift cards, and one $500 gift card.

This is going to look like free money to Marriott regulars, So they will sell out fast. However, they can be somewhat time-consuming to actually use at the hotel.

What Do You Think?

I am definitely tempted the Marriott “free money” offer, but otherwise there hasn’t been much to choose from this year…  What do you think? Let us know in the comments section…

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