Oneworld wins prize for ‘Best Alliance’

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Readers of the British magazine Business Traveller have awarded Oneworld once again with the prize for ‘Best Alliance’. It is the 8th time that Oneworld wins this award. For over three decades readers of Business Traveller awards chose the best of the best in the travel industry. The award is welcome in times where airlines are in dire straits.  


Airline alliance Oneworld has thirteen members. The cooperating airlines are American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair and Iberia. Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas and Qatar Airways are also Oneworld member airlines. Don’t forget aboutRoyal Air Maroc, Royal Jordanian, S7 Airlines and SriLankan Airlines! Fiji Airways is a Oneworld connect partner. Alaska Airlines will join Oneworld next year as a new member.

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Oneworld Chief Transformation Officer Rishi Kapoor (right) received the award in London. Panacea’s Media Managing Director Julian Gregory (left) handed over the award. Panacea is the publisher of Business Traveller. (Source: Business Traveller / Oneworld)


Not only Oneworld itself received prizes. Two member airlines are also among the lucky winners. For instance, British Airways and Qatar Airways. Both airlines actually received five distinctions!

British Airways received awards for ‘Best Short haul carrier’, ‘Best frequent flyer program’, ‘Best airport lounge’, ‘Best seat’ and ‘Best App’. Qatar Airways is now know as ‘Best Airline’ (incl. ‘Best Airline the Middle East’). But also ‘Best Long haul airline’, ‘Best Business Class’ and ‘Best onboard meals’. 

Net zero emissions

Earlier, Oneworld committed to net zero carbon emmissions in 2050 together with all member airlines. Other individual carriers have already set a direction to become more sustainable. But it is now for the first time that a group of airlines shares this ambition.

Oneworld now wants to decide which measures to take to reach the goal. One of the considerations is to improve energy efficiency and invest in more sustainable fuel. But also decreasing the use of plastics and waste reduction. British Airways and Iberia shared their sustainability initiatives earlier. But also Japan Airlines, Qantas and Finnair already decided to become ‘net zero’ in 2050. Finnair even wants to become net zero in 2045.