The Tivoli Gardens: A Nice Way to Spend a Morning

The Tivoli Gardens

One of Copenhagen’s top attractions is The Tivoli Gardens. It’s the second-oldest operating amusement parks in the entire world. This historic national treasure features nostalgic rides, top-notch dining and rotating musical performances.

We made this our first stop in Copenhagen. The cost of admission is 130 DKK (~$20 USD) for a weekday. We purchased our tickets on arrival. Thankfully, it was quick and easy. There was no line.

A Tour Through Pictures

The Tivoli Gardens is a huge place, but it’s hard to miss this grand structure (Nimb Hotel). Or that wandering peacock.

a white building with green domes and a green roof

Since it’s a real park, you will find people sitting and chilling around.

a fountain in a park

Or, like this peacock. Just chilling.

a peacock lying on a brick path

The Trivoli is also an amusement park.  If you are a thrill-seeker, there are roller coaster rides.

a roller coaster with trees and a stone wall

If you are looking for something a bit more tame, there’s always the classic Merry-Go-Around…

a carousel with horses on it

Food Hall

Of course, I had to check out the Food Hall. Since the food hall is accessible from the public street, you are technically exiting the garden. Just make sure you get your hand stamped by one of the attendants; it gives you re-entry access if you are not done with your visit.

There are a number of food shops. There are seating areas inside the food hall, as well as seating areas outside. We sat outside while we waited for our buzzers to go off.  (Mine malfunctioned; it never buzzed!)

a table and stools in a room with glass doors

The food was a-OK.  There are a couple of restaurants within the garden as well.

a burrito in a styrofoam container
Giant burrito.
a pizza on a plate
Thankfully, it tastes better than it looks. 🙂


There are performances at the Pantomime Theatre during scheduled times as well. I saw a brief stretch of a performance. I can’t say that I enjoyed it, though.

Carnival Games

I ended up throwing some time and money at a carnival game, the roll-a-ball-horse-racing game.  Since I tend to do reasonably well with this game, I refrained from playing when only kids were playing.  It’s a game of luck, but somehow, I’d still feel like I have an unfair advantage. I don’t want to dash their hopes!

When other adults were in on the game, all bets were off.  I got to be a total kid for a while. When I won, I was pumping my fists up in the air! (Yep, totally).

It was nice to get my mind off some things at the time. I redeemed for small souvenirs, including a set of plush toys that I adored (they reminded me of someone). They were cheap and silly, but equally cute and meaningful in a lot of ways. I knew what I wanted to do with them.

In Summary

While you can find carnival games at any amusement parks, it was actually the highlight of my visit at Tivoli Gardens. That is, aside from the peacock sighting.  Tivoli isn’t what I would considered a repeat destination, but it was nice way to spend a morning or early afternoon.


Have you visited the Tivoli Gardens?  Is it worth a visit when visiting Copenhagen?