Fathom’s Onboard Experience Taking Shape

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Fathom, Carnival Corporation’s new social impact travel brand, has unveiled details of its onboard experience and amenities as the new line prepares to set sail in 2016. Guests on a Fathom cruise will sail aboard the M/V Adonia, a 704 passenger vessel that is transferring from P&O Cruises.

fathom, fathom travel, mv adonia
M/V Adonia – Image courtesy of Carnival Corp.

Fathom’s primary purpose is offering guests the opportunity to make a positive social impact upon the destinations they visit. According to Fathom, “travelers will participate in uniquely captivating, immersive programming designed to entertain, inspire, prepare and instruct travelers on making the most out of their time onshore. The programming will range from engaging cultural and geographic immersions exploring the unique and storied histories and customs of the Dominican and Cuba, to interactive social impact workshops that will stimulate the imagination. Other examples include conversational Spanish coaching to help travelers interact with local citizens upon arrival. These onboard activities will be not just a learning experience, but a chance for travelers to transform personally, while spending time with people who share their view of a world where everyone has the opportunity to reach their highest potential.”

Fathom Onboard Experience

The Adonia will offer all the amenities one expects on a cruise including spa facilities, a games deck, a pool, and a fitness center that features a wide selection of exercise equipment, and of course, food – an important component of any cruise. Here are more details courtesy of Fathom.

Food and beverage: The Ocean Grill is Adonia’s specialty restaurant that will serve authentic and modern Cuban and Dominican food. The menu will emphasize the finest ingredients skillfully prepared to create a memorable experience that extends beyond the flavor-rich foods to help travelers further immerse and understand the cultures they will encounter. The Ocean Grill will be open for lunch and dinner.

M/V Adonia Restaurant - Image courtesy of Carnival Corp.
M/V Adonia Restaurant – Image courtesy of Carnival Corp.

Culture: Each voyage begins with one-to-two days at sea journeying to each destination, providing time for travelers to relax and settle in. While at sea, travelers may take advantage of a range of onboard facilities, amenities, activities and programming, while getting to know fellow travelers sharing their journey. These onboard activities will prepare travelers for their onshore adventures in each country, including getting them ready for their on-the-ground cultural experiences and impact work. Travelers to the Dominican Republic also will learn about a range of other exciting recreational activities, unique experiences and must-see landmarks available onshore.

Conversational Spanish sessions will provide travelers with a greater ability to communicate with local citizens and core impact classes that will help participants understand what it means to be a Fathom traveler, including how to work alongside and engage with locals for the most significant experience and community contribution.

Special Pricing

Fathom will be the first U.S. cruise line to offer cruises to Cuba beginning in May 2016. Fathom voyages are currently open for booking, with the first voyage to the Dominican Republic in April 2016. Fathom is currently offering special discounts with savings of up to $400 per stateroom and half-off deposits for bookings made now through February 2016. Visit fathom.org for more details.



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