Delta and Virgin Atlantic – December, 19 2014

Delta and Virgin Atlantic – December, 19 2014

Delta BusinessElite passengers arriving in London Heathrow’s terminal three can now access the same Upper Class Wing service provided to Virgin Atlantic Upper Class passengers. Delta BusinessElite passengers will be met by Virgin Atlantic’s concierge staff and provided with printed boarding passes and assistance with checked luggage upon arrival. Passengers will be escorted through the Private Security Channel to the Clubhouse, avoiding baggage lines while the concierge staff handles all checked baggage.

Delta BusinessElite passengers can request access to the Upper Class Wing by calling 0808 145 3742 (U.K.) or (800) 985-8706 (U.S.) at least 14 days in advance (but no longer than one month in advance) of your flight. Passengers will need to provide full passenger, flight, checked baggage, vehicle and arrival details when requesting access.

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