KLM seat types in Economy; overview and discounts

a row of blue seats in an airplane

This is a translation of KLM Stoelopties in Economy

KLM has various types of seats in longhaul Economy Class; for instance Economy Comfort, seats with extra legroom and preferred seats. Since last year there is also a surcharge for selecting a standard seat in advance. In this article you will find an overview of the different seat types with KLM. Are you a Flying Blue or Skyteam Elite member? Then you will also see which options are available with a discount! Even as Flying Blue Explorer member you can possibly reserve a seat with a discount.

Economy Comfort

Economy Comfort (EC) at KLM means the same seat and service as in Economy, but with an increased amount of legroom and recline. Hence it is not comparable with a Premium Economy product which is a different class of travel. The seats are located in the first rows of Economy which also means you are among the first passengers off the aircraft on arrival. EC seats are distinguishable by a different color for the headcover and a small divider between EC and Economy. Economy Comfort is available on every longhaul aircraft type. The extra legroom is 4 inches and the seatback reclines twice as much compared with a regular seat.

KLM economy comfort

Pricing depends on the route, season and how far in advance you reserve the extra option. Charges vary between 60 and 180 Euro per one way on intercontinental flights and 6 to 20 euro on European flights.

Seat with Extra Legroom

Extra legroom seats with KLM are for example seats in the emergency exit row (EER). Due to their location, most of the time there is no seat directly in front which results in a generous amount of legroom. Do keep in mind the seats have a reduced width due to the presence of the traytable and IFE screen in the (immovable) armrest. Also passengers are required to place their luggage in the overhead bins during take-off and landing. Prices vary between 50 and 90 Euro on longhaul routes and 10 to 30 euro on European flights. Some passengers, for example unaccompanied minors, travellers with infants or baby’s and disabled people, are not allowed to be seated in the emergency exit row.

KLM stoel extra beenruimte

Preferred Seat

Preferred seats are the seats in the first rows behind Economy Comfort. Apart from their location close to the exit these seats do not offer extra legroom, service or comfort. The selling point is that preferred seats offer a quicker exit on arrival.

On the Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 777-300ER there are also seats in a row of two designated as preferred seat; ideal for couples travelling together. The downside is that these are the seats at the very back of the plane.

The fee is €30 per flight.

KLM Voorkeursstoel
Some aircraft types offer seats in a row of 2 while 3 or 4 per row are standard

KLM Standard Seat Selection

KLM has introduced a fee for selecting standard seats in advance, both for European flights (€10) and intercontinental flights (€20). Seat selection during online check-in remains free of charge.

Discount for Flying Blue and Skymiles Elite members

Flying Blue Elite members receive a discount up to 100% on all seating types with KLM. As part of the transatlantic joint venture with Delta Airlines, Skymiles elite members receive the same discounts when travelling with KLM. Discounts are not valid when paying with miles.

Flying Blue Platinum and Skymiles Diamond and Platinum Medaillion members receive a 100% discount on every seating option. This means these members can select Economy Comfort, extra legroom and preferred seats for free. This is only valid for the status member. If these member are travelling with other passengers in the same booking, they can select a standard seat for free.

Flying Blue Gold and Skymiles Gold members receive a 50% discount on Economy Comfort seats and seats with extra legroom. Preferred seats and standard seat selection are free of charge. Again, companions in the same reservation may only select a standard seat free of charge.

Flying Blue Silver and Skymiles Silver Medallion members receive a discount of 25% on Economy Comfort, extra legroom and preferred seats. Standard seat selection is free of charge for the status member and companions in the same booking.

Nieuw statusniveau Flying Blue Ultimate
The higher your level, the higher the discount

Discount for Skyteam Elite members

For Elite members of other Skyteam frequent flyer programs there is a more limited discount policy. There is no discount for Economy Comfort, extra legroom or preferred seats. Skyteam Elite and Elite Plus members, and their companions, may select standard seats free of charge.

Discount for Flying Blue Ivory members

Flying Blue Explorer members (basic entry level, free of charge) receive a 10% discount on all paid seat types. So it pays of to enroll for Flying Blue if you would like to reserve an Economy Comfort seat, a seat with extra leg room or a preferred seat. Even as Skyteam Elite (Plus) member it is better to first purchase the paid seat as FB Explorer and then change your frequent flyer number to the status program.

The discount is not valid for standard seat selection though.

Flying Blue Ivory
It pays of to enroll for free as Flying Blue Ivory member to receive a discount

Reserve your seat option

Selecting on of these seat types is possible during booking. If you decide later to purchase a certain seating option, you can do that online through Manage My Booking, the KLM Reservation Center, your travel agency or KLM social media. If available, you can also do this during check-in or at the airport. Sometimes there are last minute offers. Do note that Economy Comfort prices become more expensive nearer the date of the flight. Unfortunately, prices per route are not published anymore. Therefore it is necessary to log in to check the current prices for your flight. It is also worth mentioning that you are not entitled to a refund if you voluntarily change your flight.

If bought onboard, the prices may be higher and status discoutns do not apply.