ANA Award Chart Changes

ANA Award Chart Changes

Effective April 12, 2015, ANA will change from a distance-based award chart to a zone-based award chart. The miles required for international ANA award flights and Star Alliance partner award flights will change for bookings made on or after April 12, 2015.

While under the new program only one stopover will be allowed on award flights, down from the current four stopovers that are allowed, the changes overall are positive.

The good news is that most of the increases are incremental and many long-haul flights will now require fewer miles than were required on the distance-based award chart. The zone-based award chart will bring ANA in line with other carriers for award flights within North America. Travelers will find better value in the new zone-based chart for flights from Europe, South America and Africa to the U.S. For example, flights between South America and North America will priced at 40,000 miles under the new zone-based chart, between Europe and North America will be 45,000 miles and Africa and the Middle East and North America will price out at 60,000 miles.

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