Hilton Honors Announces a Summer Promotion that Almost Everybody Will Hate

Hilton Honors has released details of its summer 2023 promotion – called Points Unlimited. The promotion will run from May 1 until  September 5, 2023.

I have little doubt that the majority of InsideFlyer readers will HATE this promotion. Hilton Honors members can earn:

  • 4,000 bonus points per STAY at selected resorts
  • 2,000 bonus points per STAY at other hotels

Registration is required. Click here to be taken to the landing page for this promotion.

Why is this Promotion so Bad?

It doesn’t matter whether you stay one night or ten – you will only earn 2,000 bonus points for your “stay”. Don’t bother trying to book each night individually – unless you move to a different hotel, your separate reservations will be merged into one…

Since Hilton Honors members earn 10 points per US dollar spent, 2,000 bonus points is equivalent to earning “double points” on a mere $200 of spend.  (i.e. Hilton’s standard “double points” promotion would have resulted in more bonus points for almost everybody)

From a different perspective, 2,000 points are worth $10 at best. This is a terrible rebate on any long, expensive stay.  You do earn these bonus points on award stays, though, so there’s a tiny bit of upside for those who are planning to redeem their Hilton points this summer.

Which Hotels are “Resorts”?

You can find the list of “resort hotels” by clicking here. And no… you cannot sort, search or otherwise make this list user-friendly.

Bottom Line

Even though this promotion is barely worth the effort, you will want to register nonetheless. But if you have any flexibility in your summer travel plans, you will want to avoid Hilton hotels for everything other than cheap one-night stays.