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Hilton Honors has released details of its first promotion of 2023. “Double Up & Explore” will run from January 1st until April 30th, 2023. (check-out dates)

As is standard with Hilton Honors, you will earn DOUBLE POINTS. The extra from this promotion is a 1,000 point bonus per BRAND.

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Is it Worthwhile?

Unfortunately, Hilton Honors points are worth so little that a double point promotion only brings your basic earnings into line with what you would get from:

  • Hyatt – 5 points per $, but with each point worth roughly 4x more
  • Marriott – 10 points per $, but with each point worth nearly 2x more

However, once you are completely committed to the Hilton Honors eco-system – with the Aspire co-branded credit card – you do earn:

  • 10 base points per $
  • 10 bonus points per $ due to this promotion
  • 10 tier bonus points per $ from Diamond status
  • 14 bonus points per $ from the credit card

44 points per $ can easily equate to a 20+% rebate, even though the “double point promotion” part of the equation is relatively small…

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Bottom Line

Registration is required. Do that now, before you forget!! Click here…

I doubt that this promotion will drive any of my hotel business towards Hilton Honors. A double point promotion is not as lucrative as it appears, and 1,000 point per brand is hardly worth making an effort to try different brands.  (just by staying at a Hampton instead of a Hilton a Diamond member would earn 250 welcome amenity points instead of 1,000…)

You will earn the 1,000 brand points on award stays, however, so that is something to keep in mind…

What do you think of this promotion? Let us know in the comments section…